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How to measure displacement and Force simulatuously in Ansys Structural domain

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    Hi i am performing a multiphysics simulation in which i am importing results of Electric-Thermal domain into Transient Structural domain in Ansys Workbench 14.5. As the simulation time is 5 hrs and given that i have to perform 20 case studies , so i want to know is their a way around in Ansys transient structural domain by which we can measure the Force reaction of a moving component and it's displacement(both in same direction), together. The method which i am using to measure the Force Reaction of a moving component is to insert a displacement node in the tree, selecting the appropriate face of the component and setting its displacement to "0" from default value of "Free" in the desired direction. And by this method its make no sense to measure the Force Reaction and Displacement of same component in a single run! (as we are intentionally fixing the component from moving so that we can get force reaction). Please help me out as it will almost double my workload.

    Thank you for your time.
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