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How to narrow down my Industrial Engineering degree?

  1. Dec 28, 2013 #1
    I'm at the end of my IE (Industrial Engineering) bachelor years and during my exchange stay I realized how many IE students there are. I wasn't really sure what IE do but it seems that it is too broad and lacks specialization. However, I chose engineering because I'm not bad at physics/math and don't like other subjects. Thus, I liked all engineering subjects I had but not really others.
    To improve my qualifications I have two options for master studies: Industrial Engineering and Management or Mechanical Engineering (ME).
    I'm really lost because I'm not into economics/business at all which is part of IE and I don't want to be a computer rat struggling with complex mechanical design just because software is too ambiguous being ME.
    Then again, social life isn't my highlight but I like the thrill I get from audiences and I'm fantastic in presentations. Could I find these things in industry after ME?

    I know it may seem like I don't know what I want and that is completely true. Although, being a blockbuster movie star would be awesome but what are the odds of that happening even If I'm good at acting.
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