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Recently a friend of mine asked me, if I know how to neutralize THC in plant material. He probably wanted to get rid of the drug, I didn;t ask him that. I have forgotten it but it raised a question in my mind and I do not like questions unanswered.

So I ask this questions:
If I want to neutralize canabinoids in a plant, do I have to dissolve them, first? I probably do not need to do that, because if the plant is very dry, it will soak quickly.
After quite a couple of searches I found out, that chromate, nitrite, oxone, and hydrogen peroxide/ferrous ammonium sulfate are things that can do the job properly. But the information was, that they destroy metabolites of canabinoids in urine samples and there was no time mentioned or if these things can react with original THC and other canabinoids in the dry plant.
I would very much like to know, what chemicals react best with canabinoids, why is that so, how fast it reacts with these terpenoids, what are the outcomes of these reactions, which are gasses, if it is exotermic and generally I would love to see the actual reactions.

Please, if anyone is skilled enough, I think it will be an easy task to post a professional answer to at least some of these questions.
Edit: I've just read a sticky thread, and I suppose what you seek might qualify as an illegal activity, since it would involve possession of a controlled substance. I've removed content to avoid upsetting the moderators. If this discussion is okay, then I might re-post it.
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You are aware of the fact you are walking on a thin ice, good. Feel free to post - the worst scenario is that your post will be deleted.


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I would guess that ozone reacts preferably with the double bond and cleaves it. Look up "ozonolysis". The other agents you mentioned will perform rather ionic oxidation mechanisms. I would guess that in a first step, the phenolic group is oxidized to some quinone.
Regarding the THC problem, I think that is a purely academic question. No need to try it in reality. So do not be affraid of controlled substances, there is no thin ice to walk on. Otherwise we would not talk here about half of the stuff :D.
On the other hand, if someone knocks on my door I will welcome him dearly, for I cooperate with police departments on many interesting things and can be helpfull.
I suppose you all who are scared live in USA and thats a shame that such a free country lets you be affraid to talk about chemical substances.. :( even about controlled ones


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I suppose you all who are scared live in USA and thats a shame that such a free country lets you be affraid to talk about chemical substances.. :( even about controlled ones
This is wrong on so many levels. Firstly this is an international forum, at least two of the people in this thread answering you are from Europe. Secondly in the US there is no problem with talking about drugs, no one is going to get arrested for asking questions regarding the chemistry. Lastly the reason you are "on thin ice" is not because you are discussing illegal substances but because this site will not condone posts that can be used by readers to conduct illegal activity. Read this thread so that you have an idea of what is acceptable and what is not.
I really do not want to join the discussion on what is legal and what is not and what can and what can not be used for illegal activities. You are wrong on so many levels :). This is an INTERNATIONAL forum, so you have to admit we are not following any particular state jurisdiction. If we are to follow any, we would have big problems and we will talk mostly about legal stuff and what can and what can not be said. I think science is what we should discuss here.
So, if we conduct this chat within the borders of lets say Netherlands, it would be ok but if we do it online it is not ok because you are from a country where posession of a substance part of which is the THC or any other controlled substance is forbidden? Sorry but this is not acceptable and please stop discussing it because I placed a theoretical question and I am curious what people who know will say. Thank you.
BTW in my country, which lies in the middle of Europe, there is so many controlled substances, that I can bother half of this chat with my stupid remarks that they are talking about forbidden stuff...
Thanks everybody for placing your thoughts here.
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