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How to optimize this lever mechanism

  1. Jun 25, 2011 #1
    I have a friend who has a small workshop and he's looking to build a mechanism to help him burn the oil off metal parts(don't ask why, thats all he said and I could be bothered asking),

    So far he's got a decent gravity fed system that cleans the bearings and then passes them on to this stage, here he wants to blast the bits with a torch to burn anything off them and then tip them onto the adapted rock tumbler he uses to polish them.

    We have came up with this design that consists of a double pivoted lever arm with a basket type of affair on the second hinge. the parts drop into the basket from above, the lever is pushed down which will bit the basket up into the torch flame, then the lever will be pushed up and the basket will tip the contents out into a rack to cool?

    Any ideas on how to connect this more efficiently?

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