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How to overcome my obsession ?

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    I'm not going to bore you with my history but I am really obsessed with learning that I'm getting myself more and more isolated from the real world. Now here is what is making me concerned; I am already an electrical engineer (BENG only). For some unapparent reason I seem to interested in everything from literature, History, Geography etc subjects unrelated to my own field. To make matters worse whenever I hear something interesting I become so infatuated with the subject until I learn it. Examples are Fluid Mechanics which is not part of an electrical engineer's curriculum, Particle Physics (just introduction), Real Analysis etc etc. Now this might be a good thing but I cannot control myself any longer. Even now sitting with friends, family seems to me to be a waste of time. Something in my head will be saying why not go read this or that instead of partaking in this irrelevant matter. I've been isolating myself ever since and of course self-studying comes with its own frustrations. I am sometimes so lost in my own world that I'm been accused of being absent-minded. I know that soon enough I am planning an assault on quantum mechanics all by myself which I believe is not the easiest of topics which has no apparent relevance to me. I really hope someone can provide me with an advice on limit my obsession.
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    Seek professional help. Obsessive behavior is not something you get fixed by asking people on the internet about it.
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    Even though it's probably one of the better obsessions, since you can't control it and it has started interferring with your life, you should seek professional help. Many members have OCD and medication has helped them live a more normal life.
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    jim hardy

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    These days there's twelve step programs for most disorders.

    I just googled "twelve step program for internet addicts" and got plenty of hits.

    I'd look one up.
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    Join the club, bro, the weather's great in here!:tongue:

    As the others have noted, I think you should seek professional help just to say you did it, and who knows, maybe something will come of it. But in my experience, which is similar to yours, it didn't help much. The reason is that you like what you like. If you like science and learning and that's what turns you on, no amount of counceling short of a lobotomy is going to make you like tea parties with the relatives more than you already do.

    That said, social isolation has its deleterious effects on your psyche, unfortunately, or I'd be buried in a book all day. You've heard it before, its all about moderation. I've found what helps me the most is to set certian hours of the day to do my independent study and theoretical cogitating, surfing PF is also included under this rubrik. Other responsibilities in life, including job related academic activities go under another rubrik with their own time slot. The trap to watch out for is to NOT include your "fun-science" time in with your "work-science" time. Your fun science time should be classified in the same way playing video games or golf, or something like that. Classifying otherwise can get you into trouble because then you really can overdo it, thinking that the productivity aspect of it compensates for the anti-social aspect of it, which is doesn't.
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    You mean CDO...I put the letters in alphabetical order, *as they should be*.

    To the OP: in all seriousness, despite my silliness: obsessions/disorders/compulsions are not a laughing matter. These issues can waste years of your life! The effort to seek out and get treatment will be worth it.

    Don't try to 'tough this out' by yourself. Time's a-wasting, you need to get this taken care of so you can live a full life! Please seek professional help. Best of luck to you!
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