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How to pick FUSE

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    Hi Guys,

    I was finish with my load calculation, and now my problem is what fuse to use. As i surf the net there are lots of Fuse to be found in the market. Although my calculation is base only in theoretical basis, so my question is when to use this following fuse.

    1.) Controlled vented power fuse
    2.) expulsion fuse unit
    3.) Nonvented power fuse
    4.) power fuse unit
    5.)vented power fuse

    i was lost as for theory the use of FUSE is for over-current protection.
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    Simon Bridge

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    You want your fuse to protect delicate components against current spikes.
    The fuses will have a rated current (at which they "blow") and they will also take some time to blow.
    As a side-effect of blowing, hot gasses and solid material will be expelled from where the fuse is.
    You have to balance this against what you are protecting.

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    jim hardy

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    For theory, check Littlefuse's "Fuseology" article.
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