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How to play a game Split Screen on the PC

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    Hi. I have 1 computer, and obvoisly, a TV. What I want to do is play Grand Theft Auto vice City multiplayer, either using a split screen, or having one go to the TV, and the other one on the computer. Because GTA:VC does not come with this, the only way is if I open 2 Grand Theft Auto Vice City's open, and for each one to display their graphics either on a split screen, or on a TV. Is this posible? Using the right hardware of course. Or perhaps there is a software that can split the screen into 2 parts, and 1 aplication can display their graphics on one half, and another aplication on the other half.

    Any help will greatly be appreciated.
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    Does anyone have any ideas? C'mon.......
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    It's not possibe unless you have two completely independent graphics cards, since you'll need two completely independent rendering pipelines. Even then, the game may not run properly with two instances open, since games typically monopolize system resources like the mouse while running. You'll also have to have two independent input devices (joysticks, etc.), which may or may not be a problem, depending upon how the drivers were written.

    If I were you, I wouldn't even bother trying to make this work.

    - Warren
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    Ya, I guess your right. the joystick think is not a prob tho. Thanks for celaring that up, so I do not go on a hopeless quest trying to do it. :tongue:
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