Python How to plot a helix in Sympy

I asked this question on SO, but I am having problems with it (I cannot even get into my account now). It seems that people using the IP I am using are asking a lot and that limits the number of questions I can ask. Please have a look at my question. Here's the link:
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After seeing that comment I have tried:

>>>x = sp.symbols('x')
>>>sp.plotting.plot3d_parametric_line(sp.cos(x),sp.sin(x),x, (x,0,10))

But got not plot:

<sympy.plotting.plot.Plot at 0x29104c282e8>

Any help is appreciated.
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Can you otherwise produce plots? Because the code you wrote works for me.

You can get more information on the plotting command at

Following the same example SymPy provides us with I got the same kind of outcome:

Screenshot (323).png

A weird (for me of course, I have just started with SymPy) outcome between <>.

What am I missing?


It appears that your python installation is not capable of opening a window for plotting.

You'll have to give details of your setup.
I downloaded Anaconda 2019.03 for Windows; the Python 3.7 version here:

I use Jupyter Notebook for running code.

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