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Matlab How to plot these figures?

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    Dear group,

    I am new with matlab and trying to plot these figure out as the file request.

    I tried but could not get the same plot as the file has.

    I hope anyone can help. Here is the code which i am working on.

    Thank you.
    Code (Matlab M):

    fc = 553e6;
    w   = 0:2*pi*fc*1e-2:100*2*pi*fc;
    pau = 0.33;
    tau = 0.2e-9; % in nano second

    % beta_square = zeros(1,length(w));

    beta_square = 1 + 2*pau*cos(w*tau) + pau^2;
    theta  = atan(-pau*sin(w*tau)/(1+pau*cos(w*tau)));


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    Dr Transport

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    your beta_square is not in dB and the angle is not in degrees you will have to convert.

    Code (Text):
     theta  = atan(-pau*sin(w*tau)./(1+pau*cos(w*tau)));
    you need a ./ not just / for the division because w is a vector not a scalar.
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    @Dr Transport: oh yeah, I missed that dot, that's why I received only scalar not a vector.
    Thank you, for the help.
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