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How to prepare for a PhD

  1. Aug 16, 2014 #1
    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I will quickly introduce myself. I am a 19 year old student currently studying the second year for a bachelors degree in nanotechnology. My dream is to become a succesful scientist in material science.

    I do read chemistry and physics more or less everyday, a couple of hours, even though some days are more efficent than others. My question is, how do I from today start preparing for the PhD? Should I keep doing what I do and read about chemistry in the overall, including the thermodynamics and kinetics as well as digging into the quantum mechanics (as I am already doing), or should I do it different?

    Is there any particular subject especially important and is there anything specific i can do to prepare myself for the PhD? Also, I would love to hear from other who has already done the journey about tips for the future.

    Best regards
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    You seem to be doing the right things for preparing for the material. What I'm not hearing is the networking/social aspect. Do you know any successful material scientists? Have you applied for summer internships or student research assistant positions at your University? Have you asked a professor you know these questions?

    A lot of people do well with the technical aspect of getting a Ph.D. and learning the material. Many fewer excel at the softer subject of showing initiative and going out there and making things happen.
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    Finishing a B.Sc. sounds like a great preparation for a PhD to me. And maybe relaxing a bit. If you like to read about e.g. chemistry, then by all means do it. If you don't like it, don't do it. What's the point in spending time with doing something to prepare for a professional career in it if you wouldn't do the thing out of interest, anyways?
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