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How to Prepare

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    I'm a senior in college that just switched from a Bio major to a Math major. In the fall, I'll be taking:

    Discrete Math
    Number Theory
    Electrodynamics & Kinetic Theory

    I have a summer to prepare for the two math classes and one physics class. Do you have any tips on things to go over before I begin this classes? Should I learn how to write proofs? Should I go over basic physics?

    Thanks for your help!
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    in math those classes involve proofs, so review those.
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    2 very tough classes...

    Odd, Discrete Math I thought was very similar to Number theory or thats what my computer science professor said. The math majors had to take number theory while we took discrete math.

    Learn strong induction it will help!
    Also going from universal/exist to English and vice versa will help.
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