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How to prevent Stroke ?

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    Seems that Stroke is a major killer to adults,
    any effective way to prevent it from happening to us?
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    Diabetes is very common too, will lowering your sugar intake prevent it?
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    Expert says:
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    Not to be a rabid vegan, but you could remove the meat and dairy from that list o:) .

    Anyway, yeah, eat healthy. Also staying away from intense radiation is a good idea. Also avoid certain types of heart surgery, as they can cause a rush of plaque to the brain, resulting in many minor strokes.

    edit: added dairy
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    It was the strangest thing to see a commercial for a defibrillator on tv.
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    There are two types of strokes, by blockage or rupture. There are many factors that play a role so the best thing to do is live a healthy lifestyle and see a doctor when you develop a severe headache, pre-bleeding is an important warning sign for rupture. To prevent stroke by blockage, be physically active.
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    Mainly, live a healthy lifestyle. This includes a healthy diet, and lots of exercise (of course). It's important to keep you blood pressure down, which ties into the lifestyle.

    I'm still young, but I have high blood pressure, so the lifestyle is something that I fight to keep up with. The thought of a stroke scares me to death, more so than the threat of a coronary ever will. Good incentive to get on the stationary bike, and not go for that extra taco, I suppose.
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    The only sure way to avoid a stroke is to not have a brain.
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    That's ischemic stroke, the gene probably is involved in the pathogenic process of atherosclerosis It's true that some families are predisposed.
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    avoid obesity
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