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Medical How to prevent Swine flu?

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    Perhaps a more effective method would be to determine the contagiousness of swine flu and attempt to vaccinate enough people to bring the contagiousness to below 1. In order for a contagious disease to spread, on the average every sick person must infect more than one other person. For instance, if the contagiousness of swine flu is 2.5 (each infected person infects 2.5 others) then there could be no more than 1/2.5 or 40% unvaccinated people in the general population. Preventing a pandemic would mean vaccinating at least 60% of the population in time to be effective.
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    Incorrect, tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) is synthesized from shikimic acid, which gets isolated from star anise. The compound shikimic acid does not have anti-viral qualities.
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