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How to proceed in the freshman year?

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    How to proceed in the freshman year!?


    I am a Brazilian student, and I am attemping to a Physics (B.Sc.), that will start on March of next year. However I took part in two international competitions in Physics (IYPT last year, and IPhO this year.) when I was in High School. And since preparing to them I have one and a half year of lessons in a Physics undergraduate course at an University in my city. The University I am planning to go here in Brazil (I am actually considering also foreign university for undergraduate, but I have to look for scholarships.) is better than this one, but the things I would have to learn there are almost the same during the freshman year.
    Then I just don't know what is better for me to do. I have been also studying hard Maths to have a good base to study Physics. And still have mouths before starting. I have been think if I could try to study the subjects of the 2nd, and last years; or try to master anything else in this time. I am planning to after take a graduate course, and then my mainly preference is in a US School, the best ones that I could find in the area I chose.
    What do you think would be good for now?
    Thank you all.
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