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How To Program?

  1. Jan 20, 2008 #1
    Hi Everyone!
    Does anyone here know where i could find a good C++ programming tutorial. Ive always wanted to learn how to progam but i cant find a good tutorial (im only 13 years old..) if anyone knows about a good tutorial please post link here, pm me the link, or email me the link.
    Much Appriciated!

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    Here is a standard programming tutorial, should be of some help:

    I've also been told that you should learn C before you learn C++, but I don't remember why that was a good ide. :tongue:
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    After a great deal of time and research on my part, I have uncovered this one!
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    Thanks eveyone! Much appricated!!!
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    You can also supplement your books with this:

    You can also pick up C++ Primer Plus by Prata. This teaches C++ by introducing C. But it is not a book for learning C. Prata has a separate book for that.
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    Thank you!!!
  8. Jan 24, 2008 #7
    i like this tutorial
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    C++ is a nice Object Oriented language, but a little difficult. If you're new to programming, perhaps Python is a nice solution for you. After understanding the basics you can go to the next level.

    Code (Text):
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