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How to pronounce sub zero

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    How do you pronounce some variable with a subscript 0 attached to it, like "v0"? My first-semester physics professor pronounced it as something like "v nort," 2nd-semester prof said "v nut," and my current 3rd-semester prof says "v not" instead.
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    It doesn't matter.
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    How about you just read it as-is, "V Sub-zero"?
    Then you go on to V Scorpion, V Reptile, etc... Later on V Sektor and V Cyrax. For V Smoke you may need to indicate if it is the robotized version or not though.
    Or you may chose not to index your variables with Lin Kuei members at all. V Liu Kang would demolish them all anyway.

    No, really, with a post like that, this answer could not be avoided at all.
    But on a more serious note, I'd just read that notation "V zero"
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    Sadly, I had exactly the same thought.
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    Thanks for the laugh! lol :biggrin:
    I remember one of my other professors do read it as "v zero," though the majority seem to prefer something like:

    which does sound like what they all were trying to say. :tongue:
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    Char. Limit

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    That's obviously pronounced "v null" to me. But then, I have to be different, don't I?

    Banter aside, I looked at that and said "v null".
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    But that sounds like http://www.thefreedictionary.com/venal" [Broken].
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    I've heard it pronounced V-nought and V-zero. I usually pronounce it however my professor at the time pronounces it. I don't have my own pattern yet.
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    I am a man of the V-sub-zero clan. Nought sounds too much like ought, as in .30/06
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    It's naught. v zero is :yuck:
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    I've never really thought about this before, but it's curious that I pronounce a subscript v0 as "vee-naught", a zero on its own as "naught", and a zero before a decimal point 0.2 as "naught point two", but in almost all other contexts I pronounce a zero digit as "oh" (e.g. 306 = "three-oh-six").

    But for some reason [itex]\aleph_0[/itex] is "aleph-null".
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    Funny that now I know what it is, I prefer to call it "zero" instead. Dunno, "nought" just sounds... weird to me :smile:
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    look at my name :)

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    v_naught, naught is more than natural than zero
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    V naught or "v sub zero"

    but you have to say it almost like "veese of zero"

    only "ob zero"

    "veese ob zero"


    "veese ob oh"
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    Aught or ought: Same archaic word meaning 'nothing', apparently.


    the list grows.
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    I think I use 'zero' with letters of the modern English alphabet, 'naught' with Greek symbols, and 'null' with Hebrew characters. :wink:
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