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How to prove this

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    given a set of orthogonal polynomials with respect to a certain measure w(x)

    [tex] \int_{a}^{b}dx w(x) P_{n} (x)P_{m} (x) = \delta _{n,m}h_{n} [/tex]

    how can anybody prove that exists a certain M+M Hermitian matrix so

    [tex] P_{m} (x)= < Det(1-xM)> [/tex] here <x> means average or expected value of 'x'

    if we knew the set of orthogonal polynomials [tex] P_{m} (x) [/tex] for every 'm' and the measure w(x) , could we get the expression for the matrix M ??
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    Your equation doesn't make much sense to me. How about providing an example. A particular orthogonal system and the corresponding matrix.
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    Looks like we got ourselves a troll.
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    Interesting way to react to posts that do not tickle the own ears - delete them. You guys are not seekers of truth. Ibn al Haytham would be ashamed for you all.
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