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How to pulse a charge?

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    I am new to electrical systems, but I wanted to know, how would someone be able to make a piece of metal positively charged for a short time and pulse?
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    If the piece of metal is isolated (insulated), then just connect a power supply to it briefly and then disconnect it. You will have charged up the parasitic capacitance of the metal to its surroundings, and that excess charge will remain on the metal for a while (on a dry day it can be minutes, on a humid day it will be much less).

    To store more charge on the metal, you just use a higher voltage.

    What kind of metal piece do you have in mind, and how much charge do you want to place on it?
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    For what purpose and how short of a time (milli,micro,nano second)?
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    If you want to charge a piece of metal to a few thousand volts and then discharge it in a spark you can use this technique.

    Very simple and safe.
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