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How to pursue/learn physics

  1. Aug 16, 2013 #1
    Hi all,
    I have a bit unusual story but I am serious about it and I would much appreciate any piece of advice.
    I am a medical doctor (28 yrs old) and I want to study physics (theoretical more than applied).
    I always wanted to study physics and had tremendous passion toward it and felt some degree of natural talent in it, But, my circumstances in my country didn't allow me to do so and I ended up doing medicine. Now I am about to finish my training and start working. I will have some free time during work. I am seriously determinant to study physics as I have the willing and the bit better circumstances. I had advanced classes in math and physics while in hight school. I started reading calculus from Apostol.
    my question is: I would love that you give me a logical sequence to study the required materials to be able to study, by my own, the fundamental courses that a physics-major undergrad student should study before taking the "physics GRE" since I am planning to be well prepared in the foundations and be able to score high in physics GRE so I can apply to graduate school thereafter.
    Any kind of advice or guidance will be much appreciated.
    Thank you
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