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How to read a gz file?

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    I just downloaded the file covtype.data.gz and it is quite a large file about 75Mb. But I do not know how to read the file. Please tell me what to do.:cry:

    I'm using window XP and I know how to unzip dot zip or dot rar. However my computer doesn't recognized the new file format. Why it is there are two dots in the file name covtype.data.gz ?
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    gz is like zip or rar except that it contains only a single file "covtype.data"
    winrar can probably open it, otherwise just download gzip from http://www.gzip.org/

    Multiple extentions are more common in unix where '.' is just another filename character it doesn't have the special meaning as in dos. The gzip program simply puts .gz onto the end to show that it is compressed.
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    Thank you mgb_phys
    I must go and try now.
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    gzipped files are easily opened with WinRAR.
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    I agree with the 7zip recommendation. It's free, open source, and opens just about anything (more than Winrar or Winzip).
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