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How to recognize the true Hynix memory chip?

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    At present, there are some fake Hynix chip memory chips On the market, and these production of memory chips have been found in parts of Asia and even Europe and other places. Hynix has realized the seriousness of the problem, recently made a special statement, identify help people to distinguishes the false Hynix chip.Now I want to show you people how to distinguish true and false in their chips.

    In fact for most consumers, mastering the technique of distinguish true and false the memory chip is easy. but people can't know this from the perspective of professional. Is shown in figure 1, we can see, it's chip has a circular groove, the lower left corner has a line of darker lettering, and these fake chips doesn't have these characteristics (as shown in figure 2).

    In addition to the above method, we can also see the detailed comparison chart below:

    From the comparison of figure 3 and figure 4, it is not difficult to find true and false memory appearance gap is obvious. First true memory chips with original label, and false is common stickers. Really Hynix memory chips in the arrangement of the whole circuit is no clearance arrangement, fake have obvious interval. from the back can see circular groove real Hynix memory chip, false Hynix memory chip is on the back of three straight round tag. Careful resolution again, we also can be seen clearly from the circuit design of grain is not the same.Through true and false Hynix chip control, we can find that to distinguish true and false Hynix chips is not very difficult. I believe you could distinguish true and false in their memory chips when you read this article. Keep your eyes on and think it over in case be deceived.But you can believe in this semiconductor distributor. They have imported with original packaging of Hynix chips. If you are not sure where to buy original chips, have a look at SKHYNIX Products .
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