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How to record songs from cassette into CDR ?

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    You know, the magnetic tape of cassette can't last long!
    I plan to transform the songs from my old cassettes into digital form and record them onto CDR, how to do it?
    What equipment and software do i need ?[?]
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    so, you'll need
    a walkman, or some sort of casette player(with line out)
    a PC sound card with line in
    a cable between the two above
    some audio processing software like Audacity (I suppose you're using Win)

    You'll have to enable "line in" in Volume control and then start recording....
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    Well, almost everything. If you use the default sound recorder that comes with windows, it will record in to .wav format. Each song will be around +/- 50 megs, and from there can be directly transfered to a normal audio cd.

    If you wish to store these songs on your pc, you'd be well advised to compress them into mp3 format, or use some stream ripping software to directly record it into mp3.

    This looks like a pretty nice shareware to do the job:

    http://www.tucows.com/preview/194683.html [Broken]

    I've got a nice program at home I use to record music off the digital music channels, but I can't remember it now, I'll let ya know it later. It works the same way, except I use RCA's from the cable box output, plugged into a standard headphone adapter, which is plugged into the line in on my sound card.

    If you use a walkman, and it only has the single jack for the headphones, make sure you keep the volume the same level. Don't turn it wide open, as it will make for a distorted sounding track. You'll have to expiriment with it to get it just right.
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    I have recently d/l Audacity, it is a beta version and is currently free ware, it is very nice, can record up to about 3hrs of stereo and with the LAME encoder export as MP3. I like it and the more I use it the better it gets. I now have about 5Gb of CDs and tapes recorded (personal use, not shared!) I am seeking a turntable so I can start saving some of my old vinyl, many of my old records are simply not available on CD.

    I went to Radio Shack and got a Stereo RCA to 1/8" Male jack cable, this to connect my tape player and sound card.

    Hit the Audacity record button hit the play and away it goes. I did find that I cannot have my email open or do anything that causes my computer to beep or bing as it records. I had a recording of the Doors Indian Summer with a email chime in the middle of it!
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