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How to record sound into computer through mike?

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    my PC sound card has mike input, how can i record the sound into *.wav format and save it into HDD ?
    what software can i use?
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    This is a very expensive piece of software called `Sound Recorder.' Look under your start menu -> programs -> accessories -> entertainment -> sound recorder; you're set to go. :rofl:

    This will record any audio input into a .wav format. If you need any other compression, such as MP3 or OGG, there's plenty of file conversion programs out there.
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    Hehe :) Sound Recorder will do just fine unless you are a recording artist or something :tongue:
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    To add some flexibility but stay free, check out a piece of software called, Audacity. May be overkill for what you need, but check it out either way, it's free after all.
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