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How to research a topic

  1. Jan 24, 2016 #1
    Ive just recently "discovered" pubmed and it is so amazing. I want to know if there is a kind of "pubmed for art humanities" or any other subject for that matter? Or do humanities even publish papers like the science community does? FOr example, where can I read papers on linguistics, or history, or drama or other subjects that aren't considered sciences?
    Can someone provide just a really basic overview of how research and academic information is done or should be done, how its organized etc? Also what are the main go-to sites that I should be using? (for example, ive heard of "JSTOR" .. is that basically for anything non-science or something/?
    thanks for any help
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    Does "any other subject" include particle physics, astrophysics and several related fields?
    arXiv - it is "just" a preprint server, but 100% of particle physics publications are uploaded there, so it became the standard website to search for publications (and things where the publication process is still ongoing). It works very well.
    JSTOR has some open access content, but often you can just read the abstract without subscription.
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    Have you tried Google Scholar?
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