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How to see infrared ?

  1. Aug 3, 2010 #1
    How to see infrared...????

    Does anybody know how to see infrared in naked eye,except digital camera, which means with glass or other material....????????????
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    Andy Resnick

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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    Your question is very vague- the IR spectrum is considerably broader than the visible, and is (for convenience) divided up into NIR (0.9-1.1 um), SWIR, MWIR (3-5 um), and LWIR (8-12 um). Some people go out even further. Detector materials for these different spectral regions vary: Si is ok for NIR, but MWIR and LWIR require InSb, PtSi, HgCdTe, or more exotic materials. Ge lenses are used in MWIR and LWIR applications.

    Direct viewing of high levels of IR will (obviously) damage your retina since you don't have a blink reflex; so I am cautioning you to be careful.

    I use a Nd:YAG laser in the lab, and some of my safety/alignment equipment is



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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    thank you so much for your answer....i appreciate that...now i can figure out what should i do...thanks
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    Short answer is 'no', it's beyond the visible spectrum so kind of by definition you can't see it with the naked eye.
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    Actually no...but if we use some application such as IR card... we can see that...the question is...i want to see by using some special material such as composite glass or polymer....
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    You can't, question answered.

    IR sensors, can detect the IR wavelengths THEN convert it to a convenient visual format. So they can do a false colour image within the visible spectrum. Out skin can detect IR radiation as it can feel heat.

    You simply can't use a peice of glass becuase you are still 'seeing' in the visible spectrum. Nothing like glass/plastic or any type of filter can 'shift' the IR wavelengths into visible light.

    You can use dyes that react to heat to 'see' IR radiation, but not a precise visual image.
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    i understand now...thanks chris... :redface:,
    what do you think if i use CCD camera.....???
    i try to use CCD camera, but the camera does not detect the IR.... i think the camera was using infrared filter.
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    It's certainly possible to do with a CCD as they can detect IR, and some you can remove the ir filter.

    I don't know anymore than that i'm afraid, someone round here will though.
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    Earlier models of video camera picked up in the IR range. There was a ferfuffle for a while since they could actually image right through people's clothes. Camera manufacturers took to installing IR filters in their camera to block this. But the filters can be removed.
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    You can run towards it very fast ...???? and use less punctuation!!!!
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    Not strictly true, there are non-linear materials that can combine two long wavelength (IR) photons into one short wavelength (Visible) photon - it's how most high power blue and blue-green lasers work
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    Re: How to see infrared...????

    Here are cameras :

    http://www.gentec-eo.com/en/products/beam-diagnostics.5.htm [Broken]
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