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How to see the description

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    the description :
    "in 3D phononic crystal constitued of lead spherical inclusions on a face-centered cubic lattice embidded in an epoxy matrix"

    The problem i don't understand:the position of the lead spherical inclusions.
    What is the epoxy matrix, is it relative to the fcc lattice ?

    Do I describe my question clearly?
    Thank you....
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    Dr Transport

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    lead sheres in a surrounding marix: think of spheres in jello in a regular array.
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    No, you have not described your question clearly!
    1. Where is this quote taken from?
    2. What is the complete context?

    The idea behind a phononic crystal is to create a (Bravais) lattice of variations in density and elastic modulus. Your particular lattice (Chandra, et al) is made up of spherical Pb inclusions which are arranged periodically in a chunk of epoxy. The positions of the spheres make up an FCC lattice. I imagine (and this is nothing more than a guess) you could start with a bunch of tiny Pb balls, which you first arrange in a close-packed structure, and then fill the spaces between the balls with an epoxy resin that can be cured afterwards.
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