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How to select a Shottky Diode

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    Hey guys, I ordered some shottky diodes to speed up a transistor switching.

    The diodes I ordered don't work for me; I will upload a waveform with the diode if it would help.

    It was mentioned in the other thread HERE about needing a "signal" shottky as the ones used for power had a large capacitance.

    How do I select the one I need, or do you have a recommendation on a specific one from digikey?

    "1N5819-TPCT-ND" were the ones i got and they don't work i think for the reason mentioned.
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    If you’re trying to maximize switching speed, just replace the BJT with a MOSFET and eliminate the base resistor. A very common fet such as 2N7000 will have a maximum turn on time and turn off time of 10ns.
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    Check the ckt (the one with emitter degeneration resistor) mentioned by Vk6Kro in this thread -

    Schottky diode didn't work for me either. Not sure what I did wrong. Let us know how it works out.
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    You might also look up Baker clamp. This circuit uses two diodes, but you can use everyday 1n4148's or 1n914's
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