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How to sell my own design?

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    My brother just designed a new electrical circuit which can be very useful in some devices. He would like to sell it, or in another word, he wants to make money.But he does not know how to do it. Can anyone please help.

    There is a lot of concern relate to this, and I would like to know everything about it, and the following thing are the one that I can think of right now

    1. When he public the desgin, what happen if there is another circuit has been made, which give the same result?

    2. How can he sell his circuit to make money? He and I don't even know anything about this whole thing, please give us a completely how to do it

    3. How do I know if some one has a similar circuit like mine?

    Thank you very much
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    The same thing that would happen with any two competing products. If you've developed something only to find that it already exists in some successful fashion, chances are you won't make any money from it.

    Well, these processes are extremely complicated and vary depending on what the device does. Asking for a complete research/marketing tutorial on an internet forum isn't really realistic. Is your brother at university? Some institutions, including the one I work at, offer business services for their students. These services will help with investigating the potential of a business venture, and often have small grants available (but more importantly, advice) for business start-up. This would apply if you wanted to arrange for the manufacture and selling of the device yourself. Though, if you have a patent, for instance, you could sell the design to another company.

    Research. If applicable, investigate through patents. Things like this can be very time consuming. Though I think if you don't know whether or not it's new already, I would prepare yourself for the revelation that the device isn't as novel as you think.
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