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How to send a self develop theory for publication or copyright?

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    i have a paper on probabilities. What shld i do? i am in singapore. do i send for copyright or what sort of route i shld take.
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    Copyright only protects your text, not your theory. The best way to protect your idea is to get a paper on it accepted by a recognized journal. Then even if someone else uses the idea, the community will force them to cite your paper and you will get credit.

    If your probability idea has commercial applications, you could try to get a venture capitalist to fund a company to exploit it, and the idea would be a proprietary secret of that company, which would give it a certain protection (you could maybe sue anybody who stole it).

    Since laws differ in different countries, what you should do first is cough up maybe $50 or equivalent in your currency and talk to a lawyer.
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    u mean that i shld get it copy right..and get it publish at some journel like america journal of physics?
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    If it is about probability, you may want a journal on math. There are plenty to choose from. You will need to do some research and figure out which of them best suit the issue. The best would be to try in a peer-reviewed journal.
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    what do you mean by peer reviewed journal? thanks guys
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    Peer reviewed journal articles are checked by other experts in the field to make sure that no mistakes have been made in analysis or implementation.
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    I don't know how the law differs in Singapore, but in the US you own the copyright once the work is set down in tangible form. You can register the copyright, which affords certain advantages, but not for an academic paper. Most journals have you transfer the copyright to them anyway.
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