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How to set vector limits when doing an integration in Matlab?

  1. Sep 23, 2011 #1
    How to set "vector limits" when doing an integration in Matlab?

    I come across a trouble when I tried to set the limits of the integration as vector:

    c= quadv(@(x) x.^2+b, b, b+20);

    Then Matlab says:

    ??? Operands to the || and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar values.

    Error in ==> quadv>quadstep at 141
    if abs(h) < hmin || c == a || c == b

    Error in ==> quadv at 75
    [Q2,fcnt,warn2] = ...

    Although quadv allows the integrand to be a vector, it seems Matlab does not allow the integration LIMITS to be a vector anyway. (In the above example, it means I cannot set the integration limits as (b, b+20) because b is a vector.)

    I could have use the "for" loop as an alternative:

    b=1:3; c=b;
    for i=1:numel(b)
    c(i) = quadv(@(x) x.^2+b(i), b(i), b(i)+10);

    However, this will significantly increase the time needed to run the program because in this case all the integrations are not done simultaneously, and therefore a lot of time is wasted in doing the "for" loop.

    Thus, does anyone have any suggestion in setting the integration limits as vectors?

    (P.S. The above integrand is a simple example, while I am practically handling a much more complicated integrand.)
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