How to setup a LAN (via phone line)?

How to setup a LAN (via phone line)???

Hi. I recently bought a laptop that comes with a standard 56K modem. I also have a main desktop computer which has a broadband cable connection (Comcast). Now I know alot about software based things, but I am totally clueless with it comes to hardware.

Is it posible to connect my laptop to my main desktop computer using a regular phone cord? Or do I need a router or have to buy some other equitment? :uhh:

Any help would be great thanks! :cool:


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Yes they do sell phone-line network kits but you need to use proprietary hardware. You can't just use your regular old 56k modem. Why don't you get a wireless router or access point? I bet the laptop has wireless cababilities already.


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Get a router. If the laptop does not have wireless capabilities, it probably has ethernet capbilities at least. Use the router in conjuction with the cable modem from Comcast and you can hook both your computer and laptop to the router. With a wireless router, you could use any wireless capabilities your laptop may have and still have 4 (on the entry-level routers) wired ports for your computer (and up to 3 more wired computers).
Sadly my laptop did not come with Ethernet hardware, but I already bought some off of Ebay. I guess I'll have to buy a router too hehe.

After all that, I assume I just run the network connection wizard and it will work :)

Thanks alot

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