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How to shut down firmware firewall of inca adsl modem+router?

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    I have recently bought Inca AMX-CA81R, and wanted to open port 6112 for listening in order to host online games. But when I try to do that it wants me to enter my IP number. No problem until there. But when I click "Save Settings" it says "Modem must be rebooted." OK, but when modem reboots it gets a new IP number and the one I entered becomes useless. A solution I found is to get a static-IP but thats like $20. If I knew how to shut down the firmware firewall...

    Thank you.
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    You don't put the IP address of your service but rather the IP address of the computer.

    if you on windows xp you go to START->RUN and type "cmd" without the quotes. A window should popup. Then type "ifconfig" without the quotes. It should tell you the computers IP address. Enter that IP into the port forwarding settings.

    Also, you probably didn't shop around for DSL that much. Most DSL services I know offer static IP by default at no extra charge. It the cable modem companies you have to watch out for.
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    Thank you very much. That solved the problem.
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