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How to simplify x-x-x

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    Is there a way to simply x-x-x? I know that x+x+x can by simplifed as 3x, but what about subtraction? One would think that if multiplication is just a simplification of addition, then indeed, division is just a simplification of subtraction. I need to know this for an equation I have to make for a software :rofl: like always

    Any help? x-x-x :rolleyes:
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    Sure, what does x - x equal? :wink: Also, x - x = x + (-x). And notice that -x = (-1)*x.
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    It seems that I can just use exponents for this, so let me ask this insead.

    I want to subtract m from x n amount of times. Lets say n = 5, m = 10, and x = 26.

    x - 26-26-26-26-26

    Isnt their a simpler way?
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    x - 26-26-26-26-26 = x - 5*26

    x-x-x = -x
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    Ok, I got it all down.

    m -x-x-x-x = m-(4x)

    Thx a lot! :}
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