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How to simulate beta spectra

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    Hello, I am interested in computing the optimal depth of a copper absorber for Sr-90 decay electrons.
    I want to find a way to simulate a beta decay spectrum in C++.
    Have you got any idea or possible documentation on where I could start??
    Thank you!
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    With the Fermi function?
    It is a 1-dimensional, well-behaved function, drawing numbers from a uniform distribution and keeping them with a probability proportional to the Fermi function should work.
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    Just in case OP is not familiar with the hit or miss method: Do try to make the acceptance probability one for the peak of the Fermi function. Anything larger and your spectrum will not be correct, anything smaller and you will have a lower acceptance rate. An alternative is weighting the samples according to the Fermi function, but this will not give as dense sampling in the peak as you might like.
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