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Homework Help: How to solve equation?

  1. Jun 24, 2008 #1
    please help me in solving this question.
    3x^2+xy-y^2=81 ; x+y=7

    I will be thankful to you
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    D H

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    We don't do your homework here. Show some work, please.
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    Also it's not a question:
    "3x^2+xy-y^2=81 ; x+y=7 ??"
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    Hi Aladin! :smile:

    Hint: do the easy equation first.

    So x = … ? :smile:
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    Find y in terms of x and substitute...
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    this isnt even precalculus its basic algebra
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    it is not my home work I am just trying to solve it because I am learning basic math.so please help me in solving this equation
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    Just follow everyone's advice and solve find x in terms of y or vice versa y in terms of x and substitute back into your equation.
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    after you solve in terms of the other with one equation you have to plug in for the other equation
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