How to solve for height?

  1. I am confused as to how i solve for height in this problem. I can solve for the distance up the ramp the ball goes but not for the height above the ground.

    The problem states: A steel ball has a mass of 45 grams and a diameter of 2.2 cm. The ball is moving and rolling at an initial velocity (not known) when it starts rolling up a 35 degree ramp and comes to a stop after turning 12 revolutions.

    I solved for how far up the ramp the ball went by taking the 12 rev *2π rad * .011m /1 rev / 2π rad and got .132m.

    I have looked at all the equations that i have but can't figure out how to solve for how high the ball goes up?
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  3. Doc Al

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    right triangles

    You have the angle of the ramp. Consider it as a right triangle--what trig relationships might relate height to distance up the ramp (which is the hypotenuse)?
  4. thanks....i knew it was something very simple that i was missing
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