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How to solve for x?

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    How do I solve for x in the following question? I'm pretty sure you have to factor, but how do I solve for x with two x variables?

    4x^2 + x = 0
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    'x' is a common factor to both terms. Factor it out:

    x(4x + 1) = 0

    Do you know how to solve it now?
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    Ummm Im not too sure :grumpy:
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    4x^2 + x = 0
    from there, you can take out the x.
    so.. x(4x+1)=0 since (that is equilivent to 4x^2 + x = 0 )
    so now, you have (x) times (4x+1) equals 0, what do either have to be in order for the equation to equal 0?
    so you have x=0 and 4x+1=0
    you solve for x, and you get 0,-1/4
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    0 or -0.25 via the "quadratic formula".
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    EDIT: Yup I figured it out before I refreshed the page lol. Thanks guys.
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