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Homework Help: How to solve Parallel Vectors

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    I’m given a series of problems in which I need to find the vector equation of a line which pass through a given point and are parallel to another vector.
    The first problem:
    Find a parallel vector to b = 5i-j, and passes through the point with position vector a = 2i+3j
    My working:
    r = a + λb
    = (2i+3j) + λ(5i-j)
    = (2+5λ)i + (3-λ)j
    From this point onwards I do not have the slightest clue on where to go next, or if what I have done is correct. Could somebody please tell me if what I am doing is correct or incorrect, and if so, the correct way to approach these pesky problems.
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    Looks fine to me so far, unless you need to write it as parametic or cartesian equations :smile:

    Well that depends on what the question asks :smile: If it just asks for the vector equation of the line, then thats it.

    Hi Nikki :D
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