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How to solve space-time variation in the ocean?

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    Hi all,

    I m not a physicist but a biological oceanographer. I would like to know how should I consider space-time variations of tiny cells in the ocean? Usually people deal with space and time separately but do not compute the data over a space-time scale (which I believe is important especially in regards to the continuous movement of the water in the ocean). Each data point of my data set correspond to a specific location sampled at a specific time, I have data for 6 locations (of a particular region) and 6 time-periods (months), and would like to know the evolution of my tiny cells over a space-time frame. What kind of formula should I apply? How would you approach this problem?

    Many thanks!!
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    Cell simulations are similar to iterative finite element methods. They are a branch of bioinformatics. There should be a lot of papers on this. And even some commercial software.

    The simplest form is this:
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