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A How to solve this DE?

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    I am currently trying to solve this differential equation:

    r2/F(r) d2F(r)/dr2 + 2mr2/h2(E + Zt2/kr) - a2 = 0

    Wher m, h, E, Z, t and k are other variables and 'a' can have values 1, 2, 3, 4..... (Whole numbers)

    I have come across this while solving a problem in physics and have no clue if this even has a solution.
    Any help will be appreciated greatly.
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    If your equation is given by ( please please please learn to tex )
    $$ \frac{r^2}{f(r)} \frac{d^2 f(r)}{dr^2} + \frac{2mr^2}{h^2}\left(E + \frac{zt^2}{kr}\right) -a^2 = 0 $$
    Then you can rewrite to
    $$ \left( \frac{d^2}{dr^2} + \frac{2mE}{h^2} + \frac{2mzt^2}{h^2 kr} - \frac{a^2}{r^2} \right) f(r) = 0 $$
    Which is pretty close to the Whittaker equation ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whittaker_function ).
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    This is a second order differential equation, you can rewrite it as:

    ##\frac{d^2}{dr^2}F(r)+ \left[\frac{2m}{h^2}\left(E-\frac{h^2a^2}{2mr^2} + \frac{Zt^2}{kr}\right)\right]F(r) =0##

    calling ##a(r)=\frac{2m}{h^2}\left(E-\frac{h^2a^2}{2mr^2} + \frac{Zt^2}{kr}\right)## we have that

    ##\frac{d^2}{dr^2}F(r)+ a(r)\cdot F(r) =0##

    to solve this DE you must find a particular solution in order to find the general ...
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    The solutions to this equation are called Coulomb wave functions. You can also write the solution in terms of confluent hypergeometric functions.
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