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How to solve this integration

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    I need help how to solve this integration:

    [tex]\int_0^h sin[\beta(h-z)] \; cos(\beta\;z \; cos \theta)\; dz[/tex]

    I tried substitution of [itex]\;U=\beta(h-z)\;[/itex] and going nowhere. [itex]\; cos(A+B)\;[/itex] type of method won't work either because you can't get A and B out of this. Please help.


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    Use one of the prosthaphaeresis formulas:

    [tex]\sin\theta\cos\phi=\frac{\sin(\theta+\phi)+\sin(\theta -\phi)}{2}[/tex]
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    Sorry to acknowledge so late, took me a while to work it out.

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