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How to solve this question ?

  1. May 31, 2009 #1
    The up quark has a charge of 2/3 e, A down quark has a charge of -1/3 e, where e is the elementory charge (1.6 x 10 power of -19c), how many up quarks and down quarks must a proton contains
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    To answer this question, you need to find out what the charge of a proton is in elementary charge units.

    Then, you need to find out what integer combination of up and down quarks will give you the charge of a proton.
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    Doc Al

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    There can only be an integral number of quarks. What's the minimum number of each type that will produce the needed proton charge?
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    Try it out and show what you have tried.You know already that the total charge is e.
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