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How to step down DC voltage

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    1)i need to step down the DC voltage 48v 75amp to 24 v 75amp.
    for above any ready made convertor is available in market?
    2)i have a dc source 30Vdc 10amp, i need to charge a battery using that, i looking for charging circuit please help.

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    hi there

    do some googling on DC-DC buck convertors, you may well find some commercial systems with the voltage and current capabilities you require
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    Can you share with me the nature of your source. Perhaps I know of something to simplify this problem.
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    i have bench type dc Voltage source, it have duel channel (+ve) and (-ve), and also available make adjustable of load amp,
    it is i am using for trouble shooting of electronics.
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    75A is not a trivial amount of current... also nearly 2KW overall, so 2-3% losses 40W heat... and then how clean do you need the 24V to be? I doubt you will find an economical converter that specific. For a basic converter not too difficult of a build for a small uC ( PIC) and a 100A Mosfet ( module?)
    Similar for the battery charger - for batteries the current regulation needs to match the battery chemistry. There are controller ships for most types, but again probably not an existing system ( perhaps a marine system made for 36V to 12V if LA Battery( assuming) )
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