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  1. my golden retriever just cut her tongue and were trying to stop the bleeding i have read that the tannic acid in tea bags will help top coagulate the blood? what do you guys think of this idea and do you have any other suggestions.
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    Is she calm enough and obedient enough that you can just lay her down and relax her and use your hand and a 4x4 gauze pad to apply direct pressure for a bit? That's probably the most reliable way, if she'll put up with it.
  4. yea thats what were doing we have just been holding her for probably ten minutes now with a big towel in her mouth and it seems to be stopping, she wants to lick stuff and thats not helping but the towel in her mouth stops that, it seems to be getting better.
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    A towel may be a bit uncomfortable for her. Do you have something smaller, like a 4"x4" gauze pad or something like a small thin washcloth or cloth napkin? I'd let her get a quick drink (she must be stressed and dry-mouth, plus the taste of the blood), and then lay her quietly back down, and hold gentle direct pressure with the 4x4 or small cloth for another 10 minutes, and then have her lie down and rest quietly. That should do it. If not, it may require a trip to the vet for stitches. How big is the cut?
  6. Its not very big you cant really even see if only when the blood comes out, but shes really calm right now just laying down so its looking good:smile:

    thanks for your replys
  7. I was going to say time but time itself beat me to the punch
  8. angus

    try piece of raw bacon --placed on bleeding area for few seconds ---on the cut side of the bacon is exposed tissue thromboplastin wich is what causes bleeding to stop ---pork ttp is close enough for for humans and may work great on dogs as well .--if it is going to work , it will only take 10-20 seconds
    good luck-----also afrin nasal spray on piece of gauze may work
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    If it's still bleeding 11 days later, I don't think bacon is going to help. :biggrin:
  10. I saw the thread title and immediately wondered, "Now what did Evo do?" :biggrin:
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