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How to stop worrying (cute humor)

  1. Feb 10, 2005 #1
    I have just discovered how to stop worrying!! Here it goes (Unicode):

    Let H be the set of all humans, A the set of all actions, and W ⊂A be the set of all worries. A person p ∈ H is said to be worrying if and only if p's set of choices C = {f(p)} (where f(p) ∈ A) either has more than one elements or has precisely one element c ∈ W.​
    The only way to stop worrying is to decide to do so.​
    If a person p ∈ H makes a decision not to worry, which we denote as n ∉ W, rather than to worry, which we denote as w, then C = {f(p)} = {n} which has only one element. If p decides to worry, p is certainly worrying since C = {w} where w ∈ W. Now, if p does not decide whether to worry or not, p's set of choices has at least two elements, namely C = {n, w, ...}. Therefore, the only way to stop worrying is to decide not to worry. ∎
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    "Don't worry...be happy", so said the wise and (for a while) ubiquitous fish-on-the-wall.
  4. Feb 11, 2005 #3
    that "definition" makes me worry
  5. Feb 11, 2005 #4
    that definition makes my head hurt lol
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