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How to strength these?

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    Using furnace and a rolling mill, how to strengthen these?
    (i)Commercially pure aluminium
    (ii) Fe-0.2%C (mild steel)
    (iii)Commercially pure Titanium (HCP metal; 2 methods can be used)

    How to strengthen these?
    For (i), is that just roll it and then normalise it?
    For(ii), forming martensite and then temper it or should be forming lower banite directly?
    For(iii), again rolling? unlikely...

    I am really nore sure about these...could anyone kindly help?
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    1) Add alloying elements or strain harden.
    2) Heat to autenitic range and quench to martensite.
    3) Since alpha alloys are non heat treatable, some form of cold or hot working (not quite sure on that one)
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    (iii)I've heard of surface-hardening of Ti and Ti-alloys by shot peening. I imagine rolling will work too but I do believe Ti does not work harden as much as most steels.
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