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How to study at home?

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    I have no problem to study at the library, but there is no way I could study at home.

    Does anybody have any ideas besides the obvious ones?

    Sincerely yours,

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    You should divide your time as you should divide your working place.
    Let me explain. If you have fun were you work the two you'll get mixed up and you won't be able to fully work because you use that space to play video games for instance.
    That's why you can study easily at the library.
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    Clean off a space to study - a table or desk. No distractions allowed, it has to be *clean*.

    Get the proper lighting.

    Let everyone you live with know you will be studying and ask them to not interrupt you unless the house is on fire.

    No TV or radio. Wear earplugs.

    Take 5 or 10 minute breaks every hour.

    If this works, I'll be amazed, because it never worked for me :biggrin:.
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    I had to have the TV or radio on in order to study, and snacks. The break for 5 or 10 minute breaks every hour worked for me. I'd go to the kitchen and get a snack - or coffee. I need frequent coffee breaks.

    In the winter I enjoy hot eggnog, with milk, and flavored with nutmeg, or cool eggnog with rum or Scottish ale aged in a rum cask.
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    I'd have to add something... Whip up a warm beverage that you love. It really helps.
    I tend to drink hot chocolate or some green tea, it really sets the mood for studying for me, maybe worth the try:approve:?
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    I am afraid to study at home thinking that I might not have anything to learn or that I may finish all assignments and there will be nothing left to continue...
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    It's easy in school, learn the material or pay the price of an unsatisfactory grade. In self study, the teacher is much more forgiving. Formal education teaches you the value of success in the face of competition - an important life lesson.
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    Nice one =)
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    It's funny because I could never study at the library. The silence was deafening and people trying to be quiet, thunderous. Too many cute distractions too.

    What specific problems do you have studying at home?

    Have you tried a coffehouse? Bookstore?
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