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How to study effectively?

  1. Aug 26, 2011 #1

    I had an exam this morning. I thought I was pretty confident with what I learnt prior to the exam.

    However, once the exam started and the questions I learnt or thought I learnt appeared, I started getting blanks. I couldn’t remember how to start the question, then I started heating up and sweating, not able to think clearly. So I ended up not doing as well as I expected.

    My method of study is to re write my original notes because the original tends to be messy. I ensure I understand my re written notes.

    Then a few days before the exam, I write out each question or topic 2 to 3 times until it gets hammered into my head. But, there is always a part of the question where I get a blank and therefore I end up having a 'peep' at my notes to see what the blank was. I always seems to end up getting stuck on the same blank and I kid myself that it won’t happen in the exam....

    Anyone familiar with this? Any advice on how to overcome these persistent blanks?

    One could argue if I truly understood the topic/question then I wouldn’t get a blank... :-)
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    Write down all the blanks and study them extra well??
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