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How to study for AP Exams?

  1. Mar 8, 2015 #1
    Okay..SO I am senior in High School and I have so far taken 11 AP Classes and with this year I will have 18 AP Classes. My method obviously doesn't work because I have only passed 6 of the 11 and have NEVER gotten a 5. This year should be different. Please let me know an Awesome way to 5. Thanks!
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    Does 5 = A? Just to be clear, you have failed 5/11 classes?
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    Vanadium 50

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    18 AP classes? Eighteen? Do you realize that's half a college degree?

    I would slow down.
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    I wasn't aware that that many AP classes existed. I would definitely lower your work load, as being able to better focus and pass your exams to actually get credit for them is better than taking tons of APs and only getting credit for a couple. Although at this point, considering you'll either have to or want to redo several of those, I would also consider cutting your losses and just keep taking them to look good on college apps, ie quantity over quality.
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    Guys's Y'all realize its too late for me "lower my work load"
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    It mean that I get away from taking a class
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    kinda joining in as a sophomore
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    One of the difficulties some students have transitioning from high school to college is the different level of understanding required in college courses. Are you familiar with Bloom's[/PLAIN] [Broken] Taxonomy? To succeed in high school, you only need to focus on the lower levels of learning. To succeed in college, however, you need to progress to higher levels of learning. Perhaps your approach to AP courses and tests are still geared to what you found worked in your other high school classes, and you're finding out that's not enough anymore.

    You could check out a site like LSU's Center for Academic Success to find out about new learning strategies that can help you acquire a better understanding of the material.

    http://cas.lsu.edu [Broken]
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