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How to study for finals

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    Can anyone share some good methods to study for the finals(college).
    Do you think it is better to study alone or with classmates?
    any tips of memorizing things?
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    First of all, get a good nights sleep every single night. Being well rested will help you out a metric ton in retaining information (In my experience and opinion).

    What works for me, is if I am having trouble with a certain type of problem, or having trouble remembering specific dates; I will save those until right before I go to bed. I will look at them, say them aloud, and maybe do a problem or two so I can understand the concept. When I wake up in the morning I will have a much better retention of the information.

    Good luck mate.
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    I type up notes, a good way to refresh on material. But just make sure you are processing what you type, because if you are absent minded as you type them, then there is no purpose.
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